Halle Morse

AEA-SAG Actor/Singer/Dancer

Social Justice Theatre Producer


3/Fifths at 3-Legged Dog


Associate Producer

3/FIFTHS by James Scruggs at 3-Legged Dog

Associate Producer and Production Manager of the world premiere of 3/Fifths, a provocative and radically satirical exploration of race and privilege in America. Staged as an immersive participatory carnival and cabaret, and sprawled across 10,000 square feet, 3/Fifths transformed 3LD Art + Technology Center into a dystopian interactive ethno-theme park known as SupremacyLand. Named one of The New York Times's "5 Must-See Shows"!  

Visually and conceptually, “3/Fifths” is extraordinary. Relentlessly provocative, intricately imagined satire. — The New York Times

★★★★ The insidious brilliance of SupremacyLand lies in the way that Scruggs, along with directors Tamilla Woodard and Kareem Fahmy, co-opt the conventions of immersive theater to deliver a powerful message.

The show offers what may be one of the most uncomfortable experiences you'll ever have at a theater—and that's precisely the point. — TimeOut

isquieting, to say the least. — The New Yorker

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